About Hannah

Have you ever wondered why everyone trash talks Merlot?

Or if Rosé wine is actually made of roses?

If so, this is the place to be. It’s like wine education for dummies, except you’re really smart. And pretty too. Yeah.

And I’m your host. My name is Hannah.


I’m a kid who started out with boxed wine, worked my way to ~*$10*~ wine (fancy, I know) and eventually found myself in a tasting room and training to be a wine educator.

I know, it’s weird.

Now I spend my 9-5 doing public relations for wineries and my 5-9 blogging and exploring the world of wine. You could say I’m pretty busy.

I started this blog to take you on my journey into becoming a very not-snobby wine snob and offer advice, guidance and suggestions to those looking to learn more about wine. I think wine knowledge is actually an important skill to have in the “real world”, so I’m hoping to educate my peers as well. Because of this, I’ll speak a lot in memes, gifs and obscure movie quotes. Or as my grandpa would say “what the kids are emojiing these days.”

When I’m not sippin’, I’m usually hanging out with the best and most handsome boy in the whole entire world (my dog) and the dude who pays half the rent and dates me (my boyfriend). You can find me in the SF Bay Area or traveling around somewhere with a bottle of wine in hand.

If you want to get in touch, visit my contact page or email me at mypourdecisions1@gmail.com.

Until then, happy pour decision making!