Pourings & Pairings: Thanksgiving Wines Edition

“I’m here for a good time, not a long time”, I say as I reload my Thanksgiving plate for the fifth time.

With great meals, comes the great responsibility of pairing those meals with wines accordingly. I think that’s the Spiderman quote…? Whatever. This year I’ve been taste testing at Friendsgiving feasts and putting together a basic list of my favorite, affordable wines to pair with all your fixins’. You can thank me later. Here’s my favorite Thanksgiving pairings:

Pinot Grigio 

Do I love my family? Yes. Am I saying this because they read my blog? No, of course not…..heyyyyy, Mom. Does my family drive me insane sometimes? Hard yes. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that’s why wine was invented *checks history books*

I like to start my family gatherings by shoving my face in the nearest chip/dip appetizer and enjoying some Pinot Grigio. “But Hannah” you say to your computer screen, “that’s an aromatic white wine and it’s November!” Well, to that I say- yes, I’m aware. Though weather certainly does have an influence on what you drink, it’s not something that should prevent you from drinking whatever wine you want. I’ve had a heavy Cab in 100 degree heat and lived to tell the tale.

So, where was I? Ah, yes. The chip and dip table. Anyways, even though you love your family, we can all agree it’s so much easier to love them when you have liquid affection running through your veins. Pinot Grigio is easy to sip on, pairs nicely with most things and isn’t so filling, so you won’t lose your appetite. As if answering my prayers, Swish Beverages (my favorite wine producer ever) came out with a wine that’s perfect for your chip/dip & boozin’ needs but also acknowledges that, yes, family time is hard. I know what I’m bringing to the potluck. Get it here.

Pinot Noir

My favorite red varietal (at the moment), Pinot Noir, is the perfect wine to pair with a baked turkey. Pinot Noir is on the lighter side for reds and generally offers a more red fruit flavor, which gives it a nice juicy taste to partner with the turkey, without overpowering it.

Lucky for you, Pinot Noir is one of the most popular varietals, so there are plenty of really great wines for reasonable prices. My newest favorite is The Pinot Project– a California sourced wine that has some really nice strawberry and cherry notes and a smooth finish. I’ll be 100% honest when I say that the label is what really hooked me (I’m a label snob sometimes, okay?!), but I’ve been coming back for more because the wine is really great. Plus- it’s only $12.99, so like, take all my money.


I went to college right next to Lodi, CA, so I appreciate a good Zin, dang it. Red Zinfandels especially make for an awesome pairing with turkey because of their spicy/smokey taste and rich flavors. Though I personally do not eat ham, I’ve been told that it goes well with ham, brisket, and most other smoked holiday meats (the more you know!)

Zinfandel has never been my favorite varietal, but I’m actually enjoying it more as I get older… Is that a thing? I think it’s thing. I actually recently had an AMAZING Zin from Paso Robles, a highly underrated AVA that makes delicious wines, that I loved to the very last drop. So shoutout to Maddalena Wines for giving me a push in the right direction towards the loving arms of Zins. You can get Maddalena’s red Zinfandel for $20 in stores.

Dry Rosé

Rosé had a big summer and I think it’s only fair to keep the hype going through winter. Rosé is actually really, really good with turkey- especially dry turkey/white meat. I prefer the white meat (crazy, I know) so Rosé is a go-to for me because it provides the juice I need to prevent the incoming cotton mouth.

Because I am a #rebel, and I’ve already told you that I don’t follow weather-based rules, I think for irony’s sake I need to recommend Summer Water, from the awesome folks at Yes Way Rosé. Not only does it have the cutest label, but it’s light, refreshing and in your price range on Winc!

Sparkling Wine 

You should have sparkling wine all the time. Just sayin’.


I would like to say a true and genuine thank you to you, the readers. I know you’re out there because I read your comments and I see how many people visit these posts on the internet machine. Thank you for taking the time to read this pet project of mine. So many opportunities have come my way and I’m really hoping to take My Pour Decisions to the next level in 2018- which is SO exciting. So stick with me kid, we’re just beginning.

Please have a happy, fun, exciting, merry, filling, delicious and safe Thanksgiving! Happy Pour Decision making!