Unfortunate Truth: Wine Does Have Calories

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Sad Truth: Wine has calories.

Let’s all take a collective cry. As much as I tell myself that drinking a full bottle of wine is basically like eating a giant fruit salad, it’s really, really not. Much like all other things you consume (except water, shoutout to water) wine has calories. And calories happen to be the only thing I count in life, which is probably not a good thing to say about my personal finances.

So let’s count the calories, shall we?

Let’s start with one bottle, which is 750 mL.

    • The calorie count for one bottle of red wine is (on average) 630 calories.
    • The calorie count for one bottle of white wine is (on average) 605 calories. 

So, you’re shocked and bummed, I know. But I want to tell you where those calories come from. Wine is made of grapes- yes- but it’s fermented down to three main parts: water, sugar and alcohol. Obviously, our friend water has that zero calorie life, but sugar and alcohol do not.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gramwhich means the more alcohol there is, the more calories there are. If you’re drinking a wine with 15% abv (alcohol by volume) expect one glass to be about 175 calories.

Sugar, as you can imagine, is also not ideal for a healthy diet. Sugar has 4 calories per gram. That residual sugar also creates another damaging effect: carbs. So, I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but sugar, carbs and booze sound like my dream not good in excess.

a meal in a bottle

So, are you saying that I can gain weight by drinking wine? 

Um, kind of? Is this a trick question? I mean, I don’t think wine is really the problem with gaining weight (unless you are drinking a ton of wine, then it could be a main cause), the problem is what you do while drinking that wine. Here. Let me use a personal example.

Hi, my name is Hannah. I ate a delicious salad for dinner and decided to sit down to watch television while drinking a glass of wine. Well suddenly, I’m on my third glass (does anyone else do that?) and I’m like, really hungry again. So do I a) eat an apple? or b) make myself some pizza rolls?

Wanna take a wild guess on that answer? Have you really ever been drunk and craved a carrot? STOP LYING TO ME.

Anyways, that’s an affect of alcohol in general- the drunchies. Drunchies exist because alcohol:

      • Lowers your blood sugar and tricks you into wanting fat and salt because you “neeeeeeeeed it.”


      • Turns on the part of your brain that makes you hungry…and horny. Oddly enough, the same part of your brain that controls your appetite also controls your sex drive- it’s called the hypothalamus. Alcohol likes to mess with your hypothalamus, which may explain why you feel both of those things after a few glasses.



reason everyone brings snacks while wine tasting? You need them

How do you stay healthy and drink wine?

I’ll be honest and say that this is something I have struggled with for a long time. Ironically, since working in the alcohol industry my drinking habits have changed drastically, and become much more healthy. Here’s how I’ve been working on it:

      • Exercise. Look, if I know I’m going wine tasting in the afternoon, I’m at the gym in the morning. It’s the best way to work off those calories that wine is going to add back on. Plus, it feels good.


      • Drink in moderation. I’ll be honest, I drink probably 4 times a week. But instead of it being a bottle every night, I drink a glass. I even have a measurement glass that perfectly tells me when I’m at a 5oz serving. As a personal rule, I try to not drink on weeknights, with the exception of our weekly dinner dates with our friends. A good trick to this is to work out later at night- it motivates me not to drink because, who really wants to go to the gym after a glass of wine?


      • Stock up on healthy drunchies. That pizza roll example is not entirely real. I haven’t actually had a pizza roll in years (though I’m really craving one) and have a healthy kitchen. When I know I’m going to be hungry after drinking (it’s natural) I try to have something yummy AND healthy around for me to satisfy my cravings. My current favorite is low calorie popcorn, because it truly does go with everything. Also, chocolate pudding or string cheese are delicious as well.


      • Skip dessert. If you know you’re going to have a glass of wine or two, skip the ice cream. You’re only tacking on more calories and I personally, like the way wine makes me feel more.



Again, all of this is a work in progress for me. I’m actually going to be sharing recipes more and more, so maybe we can all practice healthy drinking together. It’s a pour decision, not a poor decision.

me, dying at the gym, prepping for a day of pour decision making

I told you I’m not an expert- but I have the receipts! 

I’m no nutritionist, but I did my research, I swear. You can check out these legit articles that educated me, as well as any WSET workbook. Also, when in doubt, Wine Folly always has the answers.

So, sorry if I ruined your day, but hey- you asked for it! 

I’m going to be posting twice a week through the month of December, updating all the amazing gift guides I can possibly think of. If you haven’t read my sassy wine gift guide, be sure to do so, here. Happy pour decision making!