Wine Gift Guide Palooza: Wine & Dine Gifts

Welcome back to ANOTHER gift guide! I would say that this is the last one, but I would be a liar. Sorry.

This gift guide has to do with my third favorite thing in the world (after wine & puppies)- FOOD.

Food and wine pairings have been around since, well, forever. And I gotta say, I’m a fan. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my quest for the perfect cheeseplate has been my recent obsession project. Thankfully, because of this quest, I’ve come across amazing gifts to give to the cheeseplate lover and others who just like, food and stuff. So, basically everyone.

I’m doing the Lord’s work here, y’all.

For the cheese lover in your life:

Anything from That Cheese Plate:

I came across That Cheese Plate on Instagram (follow them here!) and they have been making me hungry ever since. Not only do they give me major cheese inspiration, but they also have fun gifts for the cheese-eater in your life, including this adorable cheese bag (below) and a hat with Brie cheese on it *swoon*. They also have amazing recipes to some of their very photogenic (and delicious) cheese plates.

From That Cheese Plate

The CheeseMonger Box:

I LOVE subscription boxes. Seriously. I get my wine from them (see that article here), my clothes from them (Stitchfix, FTW), my dog treats from them and now, you can get CHEESE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. Alert the media, this is not fake news.

The boxes come in classic and signature, and are priced at $75 and $95, respectively. I recommend this box for the hardcore cheesehead (not to be confused with a Packers fan) because you really do get a good amount of high quality cheese for your buck. You can give this box as a gift or for yourself (because treat yo’self) and it’s sure to brighten someone’s day. Was that too cheesy? Get it, get it?

Guys….wait guys, where are you going?

An actual cheeseplate, duh. 

I really did have a quest for the perfect cheeseplate and I’m excited to say that I found several amazing ones. For those ballin’ on a smaller budget (aka, me) I purchased this rustic wooden cheeseplate off Amazon for $14. I always get a ton of compliments on it- ya know, before I cover it with food.

A few cheeseplates on my wishlist are from West Elm, World Market and Amazon, again.

my masterpiece at Thanksgiving- on my new cheeseboard of course!

For the (other) food lovers

Gusto Di Roma Boxes (aka, Italy delivered)

I’ve been devouring Gusto Di Roma boxes for the last few months now and I am SUCH a big fan. I’ll admit- I’m sometimes a chicken when it comes to trying new foods- especially ones I can’t pronounce. Gusto Di Roma is a great way to get out of your shell and taste the foods you may not have tried before, or will ever get the chance to try again! The feature a variety of authentic Italian goodies, including meats, cheese, desserts, spreads and more. SO MUCH MORE.

I highly, highly recommend it if you’re a frequent party host, because the portions are very generous. They really do give you enough food to feed a small Italian village, or like, 4 tipsy girls. The box is $49.99 a month, which is a serious steal for how much they actually give you. Check it out, here.

photo by Gusto di Roma

 A Food and Wine Cookbook

I’m a big fan of giving cookbooks as a gift (and also buying a zillion for myself). I’m currently the owner of far too many food and wine books, and I’ve started combining them all because, duh, I need the extra kitchen space for my bottles of wine.

Cookbooks make a really unique gift because they give an educational and creative experience to the receiver. Wow, that was good. I should do marketing for cookbooks.

ANYWAYS, there are several great books the focus specifically on food and wine pairings that are great for future dinner parties. As a rule, I think you can pair whatever wine your heart desires with whatever food, but it’s nice to get some expert guidance, if you will.

A few fabulous reads are The Food & Wine Annual Cook Book, Wine with Food (by the folks at New York Times!) and What to Drink with What You Eat. <—– This book is AMAZING, because it not only pairs wine with food, but also beer, spirits, coffee and tea. It’s a must buy.


The fun is both just beginning, but also ending? Whatever. Next week, I’m bringing you the best wine stocking stuffers I found (and they are amazing) as well as 10 amazing last minute wine gifts for the procrastinating shopper (me! me! me!)

Any food and wine gifts you recommend? I always love hearing your thoughts, so be sure to give me a holler! Happy Friday and happy pour decision making!