WINE GIFT GUIDE PALOOZA: Stocking Stuffer Edition


But thank goodness for online shopping and late holiday hours at the mall, otherwise it would be bad news bears for me. I’ve put together a few gift guides for you all, here and here, but I obviously neglected a very important set of gifts: stocking stuffers.

Peeking into my stocking and seeing all the goodies inside is one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning and I take serious pride on what I give to people in theirs. Obviously, most stocking gifts are smaller in size, so putting wine glasses in there is not in the cards- which is no problem because it gives us room to get creative.

What’s on my stocking stuffer gift list this year? I thought you would never ask!


Remember when your mom got you socks when you were a kid and you were appalled and felt like it was time to pack a bag and leave because your parents didn’t really love you? That just me? Anyways, now receiving socks as a gift is true honor and privilege. Grab a pair of these socks (which I own!!! Twinsies!) on Amazon, here.

An Awesome Corkscrew

I mean, wine is great, but it’s probably best when opened. Just sayin’. Get your loved ones a fun corkscrew to make poppin’ bottles more fun. I personally think the corkscrews at MAKO Barware are adorable and they come in a bunch of fabulous colors. Check them out, here.

Wine Perfume 

Forget all those flowery perfumes, it’s time to smell like the good stuff: wine. Slip in a unique gift into the stockings this year with Kelly + Jones scents. Not only are these perfumes GORGEOUS from the outside (I mean seriously, look at that bottling!) but they give you an opportunity to make your own scents. Yes, I’m serious.

From Kelly + Jones

So, with Kelly + Jones you can purchase the Reserve collection, which is a great choice and features scents of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio (my fave!), or you can pick from the blend collection. The blend collection is unique because it gives you scents from various elements- Citrus, Fruit, Floral, Oak & Earth- and you can blend them together to make a unique smell, or use them individually. It’s a great way to build a signature scent, all while using elements that somms rely on when describing wine.    

One of the several bottles from the Blends collection.

It’s no surprise they made it Wine Enthusiast‘s Gift Guide this year. Also, they have spirit perfumes too…. so, if I start to smell like Mezcal, that’s why. 

A Very Necessary Bathtub Wine Holder

I have had this on my Amazon wishlist since the beginning of time and I SWEAR if Santa doesn’t get it for me this season, I’m going to treat myself. Looking at you, boyfriend Santa.

I love love love love taking bubble baths and soaking with a good book and a glass of wine. It’s basically the cheapest therapy I have found and I take it seriously. So seriously, that I would like to start elevating my glass above the bubbly goodness with this amazing contraption. Check it out (and buy me one…what?), here. 

Wine Stoppers

When you’ve made enough pour decisions for the night, it’s nice to have a way to preserve your wine so it’s fresh the next day. I recommend using rubber stoppers to do so. They are fairly cheap and can be purchased at places like BevMo, Cost Plus and Amazon, which is where I got mine.

Also, if you’re a jokester, get them some wine condoms (here). Because “if you love someone, you wear a condom” – ancient Proverb told to me by my father. 

Wine Glass Writers

Wine Glass Writers are the best. Yeah, I said it.

They really are though, especially when you’re a constant hostess like lil ole’ me. I love to throw a good wine and cheese party, and people love attending them (I think.) Either way, there are only so many wine tags to go around and you want to keep track of that pesky glass throughout the night. A few friends told me about Wine Glass Writers and I am SO happy they did. It’s the easiest, most original way to keep tabs on your glass (no matter how blurry the night might get.)

Also, they can be used to stake your claim. Have I mentioned that this is MY CHEESEBOARD?!

They have basically every color of the rainbow, including metallic, so you have a ton of options to choose from. Also, they work on more than just wine glasses! I used them on mason jars all the time (and yes, I am that girl who has mason jars as cups. Sue me!)

From Wine Glass Writer

You can grab them at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Amazon and online, here. 

A Decanter Brush

Everyone please sit down because I’m about to blow your mind. You know about decanters, right? That pesky and amazing thing that helps your wine settle? Yeah, they are PITA to clean. And unfortunately, if you don’t clean them correctly, those puppies start to staaaaank and grow some nasty mold. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 

Anyways, I shocked several of my friends when I told them about the bendable decanter brush aka A LIFESAVER. You can make it fit basically any style and it really gives it the best, most gentle clean. You needed one, like yesterday, and you can buy it here.

Sugarfina Candies

The easiest and tastiest gift you can give are Sugarfina Candies- which are delicious treats made using champagne. They are magical in every way and you can buy them here.

So, I guess I should get back to shopping now….

But I hope you maybe were a wee bit inspired by the series of gift guides I provided this year. I have lots more to share before 2018, but if I don’t see y’all until then, happiest of holidays to all and happy pour decision making!