WINE GIFT GUIDE PALOOZA: Wines With Some Sass (Because, duh.)

If you’ve been an avid reader of the blog, then you know if there is one thing I love more than wine, it’s humor. Preferably sassy, snarky, dry humor- or as my mother called it when I was in middle school “humor that alienates you from your peers that you should probably save for when you’re older.”

Well guess what mama, I’m older and I am still alienated from my peers. Thankfully, if you bring wine to the party, everyone tends to like you. The more you know!

I’m getting off track but MOVING ON. If you want to bring a sassy gift to the party or have a wine that is not only delicious, but has its own unique personality, look no further! I, self appointed expert in sass and drinker/lover/certified educator in wine (oh yeah, btw I passed my WSET 2), have done the hard *~research~* to find the best spunky wines.

Pink Party Rosé

The brilliant minds behind White Girl Wines- The Fat Jewish and Babe Walker- have come out with Pink Party Rosé, which is the wine I never knew I needed. It comes in this gorgeous bottle that features a very Mean Girls-like quote on the side. It’s the Regina George of wines- beautiful and perfectly sassy. These wines come in dry and sparkling varieties- one to match your sense of humor and one to match your personality, right?

this is the box my wines were sent in. This company is sent from the heavens, I tell you.

The Pink Party wines are reasonably priced all under $20 and you can purchase them on their website here. Be prepared to be the life of the “yes way rosé” party with these wines.

I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops drinking Rosé so I bought Rosé.

Obvious Wines

Wines can be so vague, sometimes, right? Like the great prophet Avril Lavigne once said “why you have to go and make things so complicated?”

Obvious Wines cuts the crap from the wine world and makes everything less snobby. Straight on the front of the bottle it tells you the varietal (obviously), how its supposed to taste, its body and color. On the back, food pairings, terroir details and other burning questions you may have, are answered. It’s basically the cliff notes of wine drinking and it makes a perfect gift for the not-snobby wine lover in your life. The wine is also really good, which I’m surprised they didn’t mention on the label.

I’m patiently waiting for them to come out with a white wine, but buy the Dark & Bold Red Blend, here.

via @obviouswines. more pictures on this to come!

Wordy Wine

“Daddy, I want a squirrel wine with an Anchorman quote on it, and I want it now!” – Veruca Salt/me

Wordy Wine allows you to have your word vomit placed on a bottle of wine so you can keep it for years to come. Huzzah! With the option of three delicious wines- a red blend, a white blend and a rosé- the labels can come from the amazing, perfect, brilliant, life-changing mind that is yours. They offer six different labels to choose from and give you plenty of room to write your message in fun fonts. Try not to think about the workers at Wordy Wine judging you for what you put, it makes it easier.

wow, what a great pun. I wonder what genius came up with that?! (hint, it’s me. #punlife)

Oh what? We’re suddenly too good for self promotion? Whatever. Get your Wordy Wine here!

Loose Lipped Labels

I have been obsessed with Loose Lipped Labels ever since I saw them grace my Instagram timeline last May (you can see that post here) and the obsession hasn’t slowed down. I think what I love about Loose Lipped is how PRETTY the labels are. Sure, they can be sassy (and downright crass), but the font and styling on these labels are AMAZING. I want the ladies behind this company to design my Christmas card and wedding invitations and everything I have ever owned.

Loose Lipped has stickers for pretty much every occasion, but you can also create custom designs for things like bachelorette parties, birthdays, weddings, etc. I actually get joy from the assembly of the whole product as well (because I’m weird like that, y’all).

You’ll have to strip the wine of it’s original labeling by soaking the bottle in cool, soapy water for a few hours then scrub it hard when it comes out. You’ll get a really weird looking bottle and my boyfriend swears that he heard me whisper “teehee, you’re nakey” to the wine- which is probably actually true.

rub a dub, dub. (p.s. say hi to my Cravings cookbook, a.k.a my Bible)

Annnnnnyways, after that, you carefully put on your custom label and BOOM! you’re a winemaker. Every time I bring one of these to the party, I get a lot of compliments. Actually most people who I gift them to have kept theirs, because they love them that much.

from @drunkonlooselippedlabels

SO yeah, check them out right the heck now and send me pictures when you make your custom bottles!

But wait, there’s more!

All throughout the month of December I’ll be doing double duty on the blog- giving you TWO POSTS A WEEK. I know, please contain your excitement. I’ll be doing lots of fun gift guides, as well as our regularly scheduled programming, so get ready to be overwhelmed with awesomeness.

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Love you, mean it. Stay sassy!